I would like to speak about an aspect of women that is difficult for men to “grasp”. Its easy to understand, but because its so un-intuitive, it might easily go over your head …

This aspect is understanding what it is that really TURNS WOMEN ON.

A womans energy is like the ocean, it roles onto the shore as waves and these waves can easily OVERWHELM you.

You always have to be “over” the surface of the water to AVOID DROWNING.

As a man you have to be able to contain her energy. When she feels that you can do this, that you can stand steadfast in the middle of her emotions and her sexual energy – then – and only then she can LET GO and really GET TURNED ON.

Thats why its so important that you build up a STRONG SEXUAL STAMINA so that you can stand strong no matter how wild and turned on she is. When making love men go into their masculine essence and women go into their feminine essence. This is what creates attraction. If she does not feel your masculine essence she will not be turned on and if you do not feel her essence as feminine you will not get a hard on.

As a man you have to be able to contain her energy. When she feels that you can do this, that you can stand steadfast in the middle of her emotions and her sexual energy. Then – and only then, can she LET GO and really GET TURNED ON.
As she moves into her feminine pole or essence, she opens up more and more and controls herself less and less. If the man has a difficult time controling the sexual energy and keeping himself centered, the woman will feel his lack of control and will start to control herself so that the man does not get too excited.

But in this way she misses out on her part of the experience. She will be unable to fully open up and will quickly lose the interest for sex.

When you learn to contain a womans sexual energy you can learn to make love as long as you like. You are like a surfer that rides on the wave, always on top of the water without falling in.

Women love when you are on top of the energy. This gives you emotional surplus and inner strength. You can tease her, you can pull your energy back, you can control the energy. You can be a CHALLENGE for her. You control the energetical aspect like a sailor or a surfer uses the wind, the currents of the sea and the waves to take you and her to new places.

Surfing The Sexual EnergyIf you are tensed up like a board of wood, afraid to fall into the water, you will not be a good surfer. A surfer is soft and flexible and follows the flow of energy, but at the same time is on top of the energy and uses it wisely.

Women love it when you “tease” them a bit before starting to make love. You wait penetrating her even if she is begging for it, you arouse her and then pull back. Its like a dam that you create, and when you finally open up the dam the water crashes outwards.

By being a more masculine and centered lover, you will not only last longer in bed – you will also open your woman so that she reaches new orgasmic heights. When she feels a stronger attraction to you, there will be much more passion and spark in the lovemaking.

It already starts outside the bedroom, by you training to be more masculine and centered in your way of interacting with women.

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