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Over 5 years of experience in teaching men the fundaments of sexual energy flow through online products and personal coaching

Online programs

We offer a range of online programs in the fields of sexual health and personal development.

Sexual Energy

Our products help to increase awareness about “sexual energy” – what we believe to be the most powerful source of energy in our being. Harnessing this energy leads to a wide range of health, mental and spiritual benefits.

Methods and Techniques

We offer what we believe to be some of the most advanced methods techniques based on anatomy and sexology and inspired by the ancient wisdom of Tao and Tantra.

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Write us an email at webmaster@tantracure.com and we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

In the last 5 years we have experienced an incredible growth. Both on the Danish market where we come from – but also internationally. During our lives we have amassed a huge body of knowledge regarding Tantra, therapy and personal development and we are happy to pass this knowledge forward.

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Statistics tell us that 20-25% of all men suffer from one form of premature ejaculation or the other.

This is no longer a surprise when you think about the fact that most men DO NOT LEARN ANYTHING ABOUT SEXUALITY IN SCHOOL! We receive a basic education on sexual anatomy and contraceptives - but we men do not receive any education at all about how to last longer in bed and how to deal with feminine energies.

Knowing how to control your sexual energy is an ESSENTIAL part of a mans health and wellbeing. That is why we here at TantraCURE want to educate men on sexual energy, lasting longer in bed, truly satisfying their woman and how to use their sexuality for personal and spiritual growth.


TantraCURE aims to create a revolution in the way that people view sexuality. We teach men how to embrace, harness and control their sexual energy – to cure premature ejaculation and last longer in bed – and to use this energy as a life improving method that generates positive inner change, self development and spiritual growth.

TantraCURE is a unique training system based on the most powerful techniques from western science, Tao and Tantra. The best from the East and the West.


It is our mission to be the worlds leading online sexual stamina system for men in all walks of life.

TantraCURE consists of a series of high quality online courses ranging from curing premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, porn addiction and male self confidence

About Sexologist And Tantra Teacher Johannes Ehvass

my personal journey

For a long period in my life I suffered from premature ejaculation. I was caught in a downward going spiral where low self confidence lead to poor performance, which then again lead to even lower self confidence. I felt bad about myself and with the women that came into my life - and left.

It was only when I began to actively research what I had to do to heal my sexuality that I slowly could get my act together. It has been a fascinating journey where I have received guidance from some of the worlds leading experts in Tantra, Taoism and western sexology - and where I discovered ESSENTIAL KEYS to attaining super sexual stamina.


Perhaps you tried out one of our programs and loved the way we do things. Or perhaps you see the potential of this amazing system. Would you like to partner with us and spread the word? TantraCURE has a great community of affiliates and JV partners promoting our products and earning 50% commissions.


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