Desensitizing creams and sprays, extra thick condoms, shooting your load out in the bathroom before going to bed with a woman… There seems to be no limit to what men will do in sheer desperation just to last a minute or two longer.

But – do you prefer to have a bag full of gimicky solutions, or would you prefer to learn to last longer in bed in a natural way – once and for all?

If you had any sense in your head you would probably choose the last option.

The problem is that there still is a lot of ignorance out there when it comes to premature ejaculation, and many men still don’t know that learning to last long in bed is something that can be learned. This ignorance comes from premature ejaculation being a taboo subject.

“In our culture sex is something we are expected to be good at without practising”
Sex can be talked about openly in most countries in our modern society, but sexual problems and our difficulties facing these problems are more difficult and sensitive. In our culture sex is something we are supposed to be able to engage in without practising, AND we have this underlying idea that sex is something that we continue engaging in all our life without making any attempt at improving ourselves, learning new things or gaining new abilities.

Maybe that would be nice, but it doesn’t work like that in reality.

Have you ever heard of anybody that plays great tennis without practising?

Or plays amazing guiter, golf, or speaks fluent Swahili?

Even learning to drive a car needs practice and training.

Funnily enough we have no problems understanding that these things need a certain amount of discipline in order to learn them.

And learning to last long in bed is no exception to this rule. To last long you need the right kind of training.

“I tried all kinds of quick fix solutions …
But at the end of day I found out that the only way forward was through disciplined training”
So not only is premature ejaculation a big taboo. Men have a tendency of seeing premature ejaculation as something that cannot be fixed instead of seeing it for what it really is – something that EASILY can be cured with the right mindset and training.

In this way many men keep themselves from learning to become good lovers due to ignorance. We push the problem away from us or refuse to admit that we even have the problem. OR we try to “solve” it by using desensitizing creams, thick condoms or by “relieving the pressure” out in the bathroom before engaging in sex.

The Premature Ejaculation Ostrich

By being an ostrich you refuse to see the problem straight on. You choose to close your eyes and bury your head in the sand like an ostrich – instead of getting to the core of the issue and fixing it.

The Premature Ejaculation Ostrich

The Premature Ejaculation Ostrich
But these are not solutions. To anesthesize the skin on the penis with creams and sprays is one of the most lame techniques out there.

Oversensitivity is seldom just a problem of over sensitive skin on the penis, but a question of a combination of the brains response mechanism, the body, the spinal chord and the pelvic muscles. So by putting a bit of this “mosquito repellent” cream on your penis – the only thing you will achieve is a doped penis where you feel even less of what is going on and how close or far you really are from the edge. Instead of doping your penis, its better to become more aware of your sensitivity so you learn what actually is happening down there.

What do you prefer: To have desensitizing cream on your whole body before you go out on a bicycle ride – or to learn to keep your balance on your bike so you don’t fall?

The worst piece of advice in my opinion, advice even given by many sexologists, is to go out and masturbate and ejaculate in the bathroom before engaging in sex with your woman.

Not only do you risk not being able to get it up again, you also risk feeling emotionally and physically drained so that the sexual experience becomes diluted.
Knowing just a little bit about what sexual energy is, and why its important to take care of it, you would understand that the “masturbate before meeting your woman” advice will just cause more problems for you, such as erectile dysfunction, lack of potence and actually WORSEN your premature ejaculation problem.

Cure Premature Ejaculation With The Right Training

If you want to learn to last longer in bed then there is only one way forward and that is to start the right kind of training. A daily training that will take you from where you are – and step by step teach to become a super lover that can last as long as you want.

And this can be learned relatively quickly with the right kind of training.

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