The Best Comment

The Best Comment

I would like to thank all of you who have posted comments to the last 3 videos. It was not an easy process to pick out the best comment as there were many good and very heart felt comments. So thank you all for participating, I really appreciate it.

AND THE WINNER IS …. (Drumroll)

My choice landed on the author of the following two comments (I will call him H). As you can see by reading we speak of a man who has been struggling for some time (see first comment down below) and also a person who has a well defined sense of masculinity showing a drive and will to succeed (see second comment down below). His comments also show depth and that he has taken the process seriously.

So thank you for your input H and I will send you an email in some days with your access to the TantraCURE system.

For the rest of you, thank you for participating and you will receive an email shortly with more information about the TantraCURE sytem.

I wish you all the best on your path to sexual mastery


And here are the comments:

Comment 1

Premature ejaculation has been a battle for me since my first sexual experiences in high school. For myself it is only with intercourse as I have a much greater ability to maintain my control while receiving oral pleasure. I have read books, had injections, used the squeeze technique, thought about paint drying, stop start, penis rings, desensitizers, viagra, thick condoms, and nothing every really seemed to help until I started to do chi kung. This is where I started to see some improvements because I was able to move my energy somewhat. Unfortunately I did not stick with my practices and become a master of my energy. After watching the video today, I feel that this approach learned effectively is the only way for a man to gain penis mastery. This PE problem has kept me from having the confidence to pursue the woman I most desire and has cost me relationships because of my own self doubt about my partners satisfaction. In some ways I liken it to losing one of the five senses as the other senses increase in ability. Because my penis could not satisfy a woman, I became a masters level student in the arts of kissing, massage, oral pleasure, and toy play. I know that it is my own mental insecurity that makes me so adament about wanting to be able to have intercourse with the ability to maintain erection until I want to cum but I have never quite been able to come to terms with the fact that I can’t satisfy my partner through intercourse. It is the greatest frustration in my life as I am sure it is for many men who suffer from this issue. I am open to exploration of all possible assistance and this methods appears to closely resemble what did work for me.

Comment 2

Masculinity has been the easier part of my existence in many ways but the inability to control my ejaculation has made me feel much less masculine for my female partner. The five areas of masculinity that I find most prominent are:

1. Honesty- I will speak my mind on any topic and am willing to accept the consequences of being honest and upfront in my communications. 2. Confidence- I feel that I have also used my acceptance of my masculinity to allow me to be open to using toys and other sexual enhancements in my lovemaking which woman have been very positive about. They state that many men are intimidated by a vibrator or other device and find it refreshing that I am not. 3. Competitive- I enjoy a good competition whether it me mental or physical and will give my all to come through triumphant but still maintain a sportsmanship mentality. 4. Desire to learn- I continuously seek out ways to continually improve myself mentally, spiritually, physically, and financially. I feel we are the same as plants, we either continue to grow and evolve into a higher self or we die. Many people really are walking dead people. 5. Flexibility- I do live by the philosophy that there are no facts and only theories. I have a saying that the only perfect person is a perfect asshole. It is about being open to all possibilities and not thinking that one philosophy or approach is the absolute. Religion and politics should have taught everyone this by now.