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And Join The Thousands Of Men Who Now Enjoy Full Control Over Their Ejaculations Thanks To This Simple Step By Step System

Premature ejaculation ruins your self confidence, your sex life and makes you feel like less of a man. We will help you to get out of that downward going spiral, cure your premature ejaculation and last longer -
and YES, this is 100% natural! - no pills, creams or drugs

From: Hans Hvass
Tantra Teacher and Sex Educator
Founder of TantraCURE

Dear Friend,

Welcome to this site, my name is Hans, I am a Tantra teacher and sex educator. I have dedicated the last 5 years of my life to helping men through my courses, workshops and seminars to cure premature ejaculation, last longer in bed and to satisfy themselves and their partners.

Back in the day, I couldn't last over a minute and I was going through what felt to me as as hell on Earth, continually disappointing myself and the different women I was with in that period. Today I can last as long as I like and I have the full love, admiration and respect of my partner.

I can help you and I will show you the exact steps, techniques and methods you need to apply so you can completely cure your premature ejaculation. Some of my clients even get results the same day they start applying my methods and techniques. THATS HOW POWERFUL THESE TECHNIQUES ARE!

If you are anything like I used to be, the slightest twitch, emotion, discomfort or insecurity can lead you over the edge without you even knowing what happened. Having been there myself, I know that the effects of premature ejaculation creep into all aspects of your life. You begin to feel less confident, you begin to unconsciously avoid having sex because you're afraid of the humiliation and worst of all: a deep psychological process of emasculation begins. You simply don't feel like you are a worthy man in front of your partner or the new women you have taken home with you.

If you are anything like I was you might recognize yourself in one of these two life situations:

1. You are in a long term relationship actually living with your girlfriend or wife:

She is riding on top of you completely ecstatic and close to her orgasm and you are desperately lying there hoping you won't come before she reaches her climax - but you lose control, "oh no" you say teeth clenched. Seeing that you have lost it, she instantly pulls out of you - "not again" she gasps.
After coming too quickly you just lie back in resignation and she lies there next to you or sits on the edge of the bed. You feel a deep sinking feeling of unworthiness.
You seem to have had this problem for ages. Its not anything you really can speak about together, but the problem is there none the less and its affecting the relationship. You can feel she is not satisfied and you know you are not dealing with the problem.
There is a feeling of distance and of coldness - you can feel you are not penetrating your woman and even if you live under the same roof, you feel like strangers to each other. The intimacy seems to have disappeared completely and you seem to be running your lives on autopilot.
You have a sneaking fear at the back of your mind that your girlfriend is considering to start seeing other men who can satisfy her or even worse: IS already seeing somebody else.

OR - 2. You might be a single young man experiencing the following:

Meeting a beautiful woman, taking her home with you, getting her clothes of and ... coming the moment you penetrate her
Her saying it's okay but you know she's just saying it to try and make you happy. You know she's disappointed and was looking forward to good, hard and long sex. You know deep down that she has lost trust in you and you're desperately trying to figure out a way to save face.
You try to hide the fact that you've come by attempting to prolong the foreplay and steer her around the wet spot on the sheets.
You drive home feeling angry and frustrated wondering whether you'll ever be seeing her again.
You start actually avoiding women because you're afraid to disappoint them in bed

If you can recognize yourself in one of these two life situations, then you have come to the right place. You might have learned to live with the problem, but I am here to tell you that things can be different. No more torturing yourself and feeling self pity when there is a way out, even if you might feel that you are a hopeless case.
And how do I know?

Because I have been in both of those situations that I described above. I have been in a relationship for many years where I couldn't satisfy my woman and I have been through long periods of one night stands and being with different women where it wasn't working for me.

Are You Struggling With Your Sexuality?

I spent years of my life always coming too fast and being frustrated and unhappy. My first long term girlfriend actually wound up leaving me for another guy. I couldn't satisfy her and though we never really spoke about it, we both knew deep inside that my premature ejaculation was the main issue. After she left me I went through a period of one night stands. It was a tough period of loneliness, frustration and confusion.
I could attract the girls and make them come over to my place, but the moment we started making love, I would ejaculate without warning. The women would look at me with a look that was a mixture of amusement, surprise and disappointment.

After yet another humiliating episode I had enough. I decided that now I had to fix this problem.
Finally one day I succeeded. After meeting my teachers and mentors - The Tantric Masters Advaita Stoian and Gregorian Bivolaru, all the knowledge I had acquired until then was put into perspective and I learned the ancient Tantric secret methods and techniques for controlling sexual energy.

You are now witnessing the results of years of trial and error. Years of digging up every method and technique on the internet, years of trying out every single product out there ranging from totally lame tactics such as thick condoms and desensitizing creams to pills and herbs that made me feel weird and sick. For every technique and method that I am teaching you I have been through 50 that didn't work.

Since my epiphany I have helped thousands of men through my courses and seminars to cure premature ejaculation and to last longer in bed satisfying themselves and their partners. Today I am one of the most sought after coaches for men with sexual dysfunctions, mainly men who suffer from premature ejaculation.

Experience How It Is To Have Control:

Making love for as long as you like without the fear that at any moment you will tense up and it will be game over.
Actually being relaxed in your lovemaking - you know you have full control, you feel confident and strong.
Finally being able to take her in such a way so that she moans with pleasure and has that special sexual smile on her face when you finish - the sign of a woman who has been sexually satisfied.
The emotional fulfillment you get by being able to fully satisfy a woman and feeling how she responds to your new found masculinity.
How the control over your sexuality will spread to other domains of your life giving you self-confidence and a feeling of virility and strength.
The saving of your marriage or your relationship - you no longer have to fear coming home one day to find her packing her bags because she has found another man who can satisfy her.

If any of the above seems good to you then what you’ll learn here will change your life 180 degrees.

Will This Work For Me?

The efficiency of TantraCURE comes from the unique combination of techniques from sexology and the ancient systems of Yoga, Taoism and Tantra. Techniques which will help you to deal with and overcome your premature ejaculation for good.

The techniques that I show you are VERY SIMPLE. The efficiency comes because they are counter intuitive, they go against the things that you usually do on autopilot - you're probably making the same mistakes as 99% of all other men out there, and once you understand these few simple things, you will flip the switch and be well on the way to experiencing full control and to giving her those wonderful orgasms that recharge your relationship.

These systems have been proven, tested and applied for thousands of years and I have personally been teaching these methods with great success for many years through my workshops, seminars and weekend courses.

I have seen men go through huge transformation processes, men who were insecure, who didn't know what was wrong with them, who were unhappy and lacked confidence turn into happy, optimistic and self confident men who now can satisfy themselves and their partners.

Seeing these transformations happen is part of my everyday life. My clients come from all ages, cultures and backgrounds and my methods have worked for all of these men.

What Will You Get Once You Join TantraCURE?

When you have gained access to the system you will have access to a series of manuals and videos which are a crystalization of years of teaching experience. You will find explanations and runthroughs of the most powerful methods available in the world when it comes to curing premature ejaculation and you will gain access to a special member forum where you can ask me any question that you might have about the methods and techniques. This will help you to get all the clarity you need. I will literally take you by the hand so that you finally can regain your sexlife, satisfy yourself and your partner.

You will also receive a 12 week exercise program that will reset your ejaculatory response and make you last as long as you want. Follow the program and witness the amazing improvements as they enter your life. Not only will you cure your premature ejaculation, you will be learning some of the most powerful secrets about sexuality and how you can use your sexual energy to completely transform your life.

The program is extensive so I have created an extra webpage for you to be able to get a more in depth run through. Click here to see the contents of the TantraCURE system

No other online system will give you as in depth knowledge about your sexuality and how it ties in with the rest of your being as what you will find in TantraCURE.

How Fast Will I Experience Results?

That naturally depends on how much effort you are willing to put in. Some of the techniques give results immediately because they go in and balance your nervous system removing deep seated anxiety, tension and stress. There are many different reasons why men suffer from premature ejaculation. Some men need to reprogram their ejaculatory response after years of poor masturbation habits. Other men need to balance their body energy system, other men need small corrections in diet and lifestyle which help to harmonize the fragile hormonal balance in the brain and yet other men need to desensitize the penis head and strengthen certain muscles.

No matter which type of man you are, you can be quite sure that you will be getting results in less than a month as the system is designed to catch all the different possible causes of premature ejaculation.
In less than a month you could be enjoying the love, admiration and respect of women.
In fact, I am so utterly convinced that this system will cure your premature ejaculation that I am willing to give you a 60 day no questions asked guarantee. You can try out this system and if you are not 100% happy you will get your money back, every single penny.

I am so sure that TantraCURE will work for you that I offer a 60 day money back,
no questions asked guarantee
In fact I am so confident that you will cure your premature ejaculation that you will get a total refund if you are not 100% satisfied.
This system just flat out works - I have experienced it on my own body and seen its effects on thousands of men.

Why Is TantraCURE Better Than Anything Else That You Will Find Out There?

TantraCURE bases its techniques on Neurology and Sexology but at its core, it is based on the ancient system of Tantra. Now why is that? Simple. Tantra is the most powerful system on earth when it comes to harnessing and channeling the sexual energy. All other techniques that you may find out there, either described on webpages, mens magazines or even techniques described by porn stars all have their origins in the ancient science of Tantra.

Visualization techniques, breathing exercises, pelvic muscle exercises etc, all these things that you might have stumbled upon before on your quest to overcome premature ejaculation come from Tantra. But because people don't know this, they cannot explain the principles in depth. It all ends up being superficial, watered down and misunderstood.
Only people who have understood the essence of Tantra and who have gone to the source can bring all the elements together in a coherent way. YOU WILL BE LEARNING TECHNIQUES AND METHODS WHICH ARE NOT KNOWN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC - THESE ARE METHODS WHICH ARE ONLY KNOWN AMONG A FEW INITIATED PEOPLE.
And do you have to be some kind of Tantra freak to use these methods? Absolutely not, the techniques are simple and intuitive - they are ready to be used by any man.

If you want to cure your premature ejaculation, TantraCURE is in my opinion your only viable option.
On this webpage you have the possibility to surf around to see all the components described more in depth, but you will ultimately arrive at the same conclusion. You are fully able to cure your premature ejaculation, it can be done quickly and efficiently, and it can be done in a way that is in complete alignment with your body/mind system. No pills, no thick condoms, no desensitizing creams, no totally lame tactics that do nothing to fix the problem, only patch it up temporarily.

100% Discreet

TantraCURE is 100% discreet. You will not be receiving any packages in the mail. All the manuals and videos are on an online membership page that you gain instant access to once you have clicked on the button down below. She does not need to know you bought TantraCURE if you don't want her to know - but she will definitely notice the results and be wondering how you got so good between the sheets.

Take Action Now And You Might Be Lasting 10-15 Minutes Longer
- Starting Tonight!

Continue what you are doing now and you will get the same results - picture yourself in 5 years still suffering from premature ejaculation. Your relationship will not get any better, thats for sure (if she still is around, that is) and do you really want to squander your chances with future women you will be meeting? The choice is yours. I took the road less travelled by and I reaped the huge benefits. In a few hours you could already be enjoying deeply satisfying sex. Let me help you cure your premature ejaculation, last longer in bed and feel what it means to be a man who knows how to satisfy women.

So click on the button down below

And meet me on the other side



Enter your name and email and receive 3 free videos and manuals that will put you well on your way to curing your premature ejaculation

Every person needs a friend and teacher, someone who can help you traverse the stormy seas. For me this person is Mihai Advaita Stoian, the leader of Natha Yoga Center in Copenhagen. Advaita is a yoga and tantra teacher and one of the worlds leading experts in Tantra and sexuality.

He is one of the most outstanding pupils of world renouned Romanian Tantric Master Gregorian Bivolaru.

Visit Advaitas blog here: Advaitas Blog
Visit Natha Yoga Center here: Natha Yoga Center


Finally I can satisfy my wife! Our marriage felt empty and unfulfilling and I always had a feeling of shame - of not being a man for my woman. Finally all this has changed. I don't know what I would have done if it hadn't been for the TantraCURE system. I had the problem for years before finally stumbling upon this unique product. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou


- Denmark

It was just such an annoying problem - I could barely enter my wife without coming after a few strokes. The sex between us became worse and worse until we hardly ever had sex. Thanks to the techniques that I have learned here I now can last as long as I like and our marriage is full of joy and passion. To all men out there who feel they cannot satisfy their partners and who want to change this, I fully endorse TantraCURE - it has made a huge difference in my life.


- Lawyer, The Hague, Netherlands

Thankyou Hans! Your product has saved my marriage

H Jensen

To anyone who is in a relationship that needs emergency help - TantraCURE is the way to go! Me and my partner lived together for many years and the relationship just got worse and worse - the sex life became non-existant. We lived in the same house but it felt like we were miles apart. After regaining my sexual confidence I can now satisfy my partner and our relationship has never been better. To anyone considering whether TantraCURE is the way to go I can only say: Go for it, it is worth its weight in gold.

K Klemmentsen

Henrik writes

"For many years I have read almost everything about Tantra and sexual energy. My interests have primarily centered around how one feels the sexual energy, how you move it up the spine and how you surf on the wave of sexual energy. The fact that you simultaneously can last longer in bed is off course a super benefit. TantraCURE is well written in an easy to understand language so it is easy to digest... TantraCURE is concrete and simple. I warmly recommend TanraCURE due to the easy approach..."

Sebastian writes

"First time I encountered the TantraCURE system I would not have imagined that it had such a positive effect on my view on sexuality and on my life in general. I will dare to say that the TantraCURE system is the best developed product in its category until the present date. It has given me extra courage, strengthened my self confidence, sexuality and gotten me started on a lot of things I never would have done anything about. Already now where I am on the first step on the path I am seeing surprising results, both sexually and spiritually. The relationship to my girlfriend has become more intimate since I also involved her in the process..."

Simon writes

”This is a unique product you have made, full of the necessary information and insight. It has completely changed my outlook on sexuality and on life"

Henry Larsen writes

Its going beyond all expectations. I am getting more and more self confidence and when we are making love its only the fact that I'm not in top physical shape (which is being improved while we speak ;-) ) that is putting the limit. In fact, I have come to the point where its my girlfriend asking me to come (yes, I trying to come because we want a child). We make love between 30 minutes and a couple of hours, depending on whether the kids are around.

She loves it that I kiss her all over her body and that I thrust slowly when I am in her and I can vary the thrusting speed depending on how close she is to coming. She says our lovemaking is amazing; something she hasn't tried before! So thank you so much for TantraCURE, it is changing my life
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