When a woman has experienced long and deeply satisfying love making with a new man, there is a great possibility that she already gets completely infatuated just after a single lovemaking. The doubt she might have had about starting a relationship can completely evaporate and transform itself into a wild craving for more sex with him.

You have problaby heard or seen a woman tell about how she has become completely sexually obsessed by a man that really could satisfy her.

Many men feel quite satisfied if they just get their ejaculation. But women are a little more advanced. They want a man who can last long and its not only because it takes her longer to get satisfied.

Lets take a look at what happens inside of a womans heart, yoni (vagina) and heart during sex and why she wants the lovemaking to last so long.

When a woman has had long lasting and satisfying sex with a new man, there is a big chance that she already is hooked on him after the first time
During lovemaking a woman is stimulated more and more at the deeper levels as time progresses. In her brain a vast hoard of hormones are released – she gets excited, she gets wet and the stimulation phase starts where she opens up more and more both physically and also emotionally.

After 30 minutes of continual penetration without stops or pauses, her oxytocin levels are going over the top and she is feeling the effects of an ecstatic high created by the chemicals produced in her brain and in her heart (yes indeed, the heart has its own network of neurons and also produces hormones!).

Tantra tells us that a womans heart and yoni are intimately connected. When the deeper levels of the yoni are stimulated the heart chakra and the brain start producing the bonding hormone Oxytocine.

Why Woman Get Addicted To Men That Last Long In BedThe same effect CANNOT BE OBTAINED by oralsex, caressing or loving touch. Yes, she certainly enjoys these things, but she does not get the same ecstatic high as when she gets stimulated deeply in the yoni for half an hour or more.

After this hormonal response and the emotional and energetic interchange have taken place, she will start to feel an almost euphoric high by your mere presence.

She will even feel it when you are not there. Just the thought of your lovemaking will be played again and again on the canvas of her inner mental screen. Many women just need to THINK of the sex and will re-experience the orgasmic euphoric states they had during the lovemaking washing over them.
So – if you want to get a woman hooked on you – you have to learn to make love like a super hero.

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