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What most men do not know about women and their sexuality …

Do you understand what is happening inside a woman and how her sexuality is built up?

Read the following articles and gain more insight into the mysterious nature of women – insights most men will never know

What do women think when you come too quickly?

You probably know the situation – you have been crazily in love with a beautiful woman, and finally you get to take her home and now you are in bed together. But then you ejaculate the moment you penetrate her … And now what happens?

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The surprising truth about how to satisfy a woman

I would like to speak about an aspect of women that is difficult for men to “grasp”. Its easy to understand, but because its so un-intuitive, it might easily go over your head …

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The 3 most important things in foreplay (that most men know nothing about)

When a man doesn’t enjoy foreplay its either because he cannot read her cues and gets confused OR because he is afraid of taking charge and displaying leadership.

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Why women get addicted to men that can last long in bed

When a woman has experienced long and deeply satisfying sex with a new man, there is a great possibility that she already gets completely “hooked” just after a single lovemaking. In fact it develops into a wild craving for more sex with him.

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Should you speak with her about the problem?

When you come too quickly you probably just feel like burying yourself in a deep black hole. But like most men, you probably take a shower, get a glass of water, walk the dog – anything that gets you mind away from your failure. But what is the worst aspect of this situation for the woman?

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