The Art Of Tantra Massage

The name of the masseur in this video is Adinatha – he is my friend and colleague and he is the manager of a place called “The Tantra Temple” in Copenhagen Denmark. A place where you can go (both for men and women) and receive a Tantra massage – a sublime and erotic massage. In the video Adinatha is giving a Tantra massage to one of the Tantra Temples female clients.

The following is an excerpt from their homepage

The ancient tantric wisdom is very relevant for modern times and teaches us how to control and transform our lives at all levels. In order to learn it is often necessary to first have an experience of what you could call “another world”, something beyond everyday life, where we live within certain habits and experience the world through a filter, created by our unprocessed experiences.

There are some moments in life where you step outside yourself and experience life in all its fullness without any filter – usually moments of great emotional intensity, fx intense fear or pleasure, if you almost loose someone you love or in moments of complete erotic ecstacy and openness. During these moments you can get a glimpse of who you truly are, but usually the door quickly closes and we return to everyday life and the experience fades away.

A tantra massage is an amazing opportunity to step out of your ordinary state of consciousness and into a magical space, getting in contact with your heart and have a direct experience of your deeper nature through conscious sensual touch, perceiving your essence as an ecstatic and unlimited being. Tantra massage is a deeply relaxing, energizing and awakening experience, which increases your inner peace and joy of life. In a tantra massage we awaken the sensual pleasure and the erotic energy in a sublime and controlled way, spreading the energy throughout the entire body, using it as a way of accessing a deeper level of pleasure, what we can call ecstatic happiness.

The tantric wisdom teaches us that us that sexuality, love and the energy of life are inseparably connected. Tantra is a way of living, conncting with the present moment in a state of awareness and relaxation. Through the intense awakening of sexual pleasure and superior receptivity we can expand our state of consciousness. A tantramassage in the Tantra Temple is not the same as intercourse, it is a safe space where you can explore yourself, your heart and your sensuality, an amazing opportunity to experience your patterns regarding intimacy, openness, ability to stay present within your body, ability to be relaxed and fully conscious at the same time even when experiencing intense energy or emotions. A tantra massage is not therapy, but it is profoundly healing for all kinds of inner blockages and old traumas, giving new energy and new perspective.

You will experience that a tantra massage in the Tantra Temple is a form of initiation in which the masseur is open to transmit his/her own profound experience obtained through many years of practice and studying tantra. Conscious, loving and sensual touch becomes a communication without words.

Tantra massage is also a perfect preparation for tantric lovemaking and the tantric way of life in general, because the experience of a tantra massage will open many doors within you and show you the connection between love and sexuality and how to guide the erotic energy towards higher states of consciousness, otherwise only accessible through lovemaking and deep meditation. In tantra the erotic fusion between man and woman is a way to expand your consciousness more and more towards a state of cosmic consciousness.

A tantra massage is thus a way of learning something new about yourself and enriching your life through sensual and loving conscious touch, wordlessly transmitting ancient wisdom – it is a beautiful, sensual and intimate moment full of love, touching both body and soul.

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