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Premature ejaculation ruins your self confidence, your sexlife and slowly but surely breaks down your feeling of being a man.

Here is how I went from lasting under 10 seconds in bed to now having complete control over my ejaculation. I will show you the exact steps, methods and techniques that I used to master my sexual energy.

Have you ever tried any of the following:

  • Meeting a hot woman, taking her back to your place, getting her clothes off – but you’re so nervous that you come the moment you penetrate her?
  • You have been madly in love with a woman for months, but when you finally succeed taking her home with you …
    you come after 10 seconds.
  • She says its okay …
    but she’s clearly disappointed and has lost trust in you.
  • As time goes by you have become so nervous about premature ejaculation, that the mere thought completely ruins your ability to enjoy the lovemaking …
  • She snuggles up to you and tries to make you happy again, but the magic is gone. You threw it down the drain and you know it. She knows it. And you’re desperately thinking about how you can save the situation.
  • Completely avoiding women because you know that you will just disappoint them in bed and you would rather just avoid more embarrassment.
  • You have this uncomfortable feeling that your girlfriend might be considering or has already started seeing another man behind your back, because you cannot satisfy her in bed.
  • Women start speaking behind your back, because the word is now out on the street about your
    “fantastic performance”. Your reputation is now at stake.

Guess what?

I have been in each and every one of these situations. And yes – it wasn’t fun.

If you are like I was you were probably resorting to one of the following strategies ….



  • Using desensitizing creams and sprays
  • Using thick condoms


Many men resort to ejaculating before sex to take of the edge.

This strategy takes away your sexual power and you might risk not being able to get an erection.


  • Thinking of "unsexy" things such as grandma, broccoli, football results etc
  • Fighting the arousal by grinding your teeth or contracting your pelvic muscles
  • "Blanking out" - you attempt to not "feel" or "enjoy" the pleasure


  • Continually trying to control her movements by grabbing hold of her and stopping her
  • Avoiding certain positions that both of you find pleasurable
  • Developing certain lovemaking routines that you know will "keep you safe"


Many men are continuously pulling out of their women whenever they feel they are losing control. This makes sex a very uneven and anxiety creating experience.


Many men are so embarrassed by their poor performance that they choose to completely avoid women and sex. The experience has become so traumatic that they prefer to go without.


Many men choose this strategy. On the long run you will enter a vicious cycle of deteriorating self confidence and you risk that she leaves you to find another man.



Being able to contain sexual energy in your body and your nervous system is actually a skill that you can learn. Many men ejaculate very quickly because they cannot hold the sexual energy in their bodies. It's like a dam wall that bursts. The extra energy accumulated in the nervous system and the genital area triggers the ejaculation reflex. Instead you can learn to transport sexual energy AWAY from the pelvic area so the reflex will not trigger.


A REFLEX MECHANISM in the lower part of the spinal column can trigger the ejaculation. This reflex is especially active if you lack SEROTONIN in your body. Many men have "trained" themselves, especially in the teen years, to ejaculate as quickly as possible to avoid getting caught. Masturbating in order to ejaculate quickly will hardwire this reflex mechanism to set of as quickly as possible.


Many men have the WRONG STRATEGIES for trying to last longer in bed. Usually these strategies involve either numbing oneself (thick condoms, creams, sprays, pills, ejaculating before sex etc) or trying to escape from the pleasure (distracting oneself, thinking of unsexy things, pulling out). Instead of escaping, it is better to go INTO the pleasure in a conscious way.


Premature ejaculation is often a result of hormonal imbalance: Porn addiction causes Dopamine imbalance which is like driving with your speeder all the way down. Long term anxiety can cause testosterone imbalances which in turn causes low self confidence and even more anxiety. Poor dietary and life style habits can cause Serotonin defficiency which is like having no BRAKES in your sexual stamina car.



The least bit of stress or performance anxiety makes your body go into FIGHT/FLIGHT mode. When your body is in this mode its primary concern is to prepare your body for survival. In this case you are programmed to defecate, urinate, sweat and to lose other bodily fluids - such as your semen. In fight/flight mode you are 10 TIMES MORE LIKELY to ejaculate than if you are cool, composed and calm.


If your erection is weak your pelvic muscles will automatically try to compensate by attempting to pump more blood into your penis. This will tire them and make them weaker which in turn gives poor control. This is why a strong pelvic floor will give you rock hard erections and also help you to last longer


Imagine the following:

  • You can last as long as you want
    and really satisfy your woman
  • You can make her ecstatic with sexual pleasure. And Yes – imagine her walking around with the smile on her lips for hours (and perhaps even days) after making love with you …
  • Feel yourself finally getting rid of that nagging fear at the back of your head that she some day might find a new man that can last longer than you – and that will satisfy her.
  • The feeling you get from being able to satisfy a woman, and to feel how that woman completely surrenders and opens her heart, body and soul to you
  • How the control over your sexual energy gives you self confidence and inner strength and makes you feel like a man again

Welcome To TantraCURE!

TantraCURE is an 8 week online training program for men with effective techniques and exercises that help you to overcome premature ejaculation and last longer in bed. TantraCURE consists of:
  • An 8 week training program that gets more advanced week by week
  • Video courses and training
  • Detailed manuals
  • Bonus materials that help and support you in the process
  • Personal mentoring via our online forum
  • Case studies with men that attained success

About Sexologist And Tantra Teacher Johannes Ehvass

my personal journey

For a long period in my life I suffered from premature ejaculation. I was caught in a downward going spiral where low self confidence lead to poor performance, which then again lead to even lower self confidence. I felt bad about myself and with the women that came into my life – and left.

It was only when I began to actively research what I had to do to heal my sexuality that I slowly could get my act together. It has been a fascinating journey where I have received guidance from some of the worlds leading experts in Tantra, Taoism and western sexology – and where I discovered ESSENTIAL KEYS to attaining super sexual stamina.

much easier than you think

Most men that suffer from premature ejaculation enter a downward going spiral that affects the mind and body.

If you are like many men – then you probably think that something is wrong with you – that you never can heal yourself – that you’re doomed to suffer from poor sexual control for the rest of your life.

But in this frustration you’re forgetting something essential:

Lasting long in bed and super sexual stamina is a question of doing the right training performed on a daily basis.

And you know what else?

When you start believing that it’s possible (which it is) – you will start to dissolve the descending spiral and instead create an ascending spiral. Positive results leads to more self confidence which again leads to better results.

this is what you will learn ...

  • How to master body and mind for ecstatic long lasting lovemaking
  • Dissolve performance anxiety and strengthen your sexual self confidence
  • How you use relaxation and knowledge of the parasympathetic nervous system to your advantage in bed
  • Sexual Energy Management – What Tao and Tantra can teach you about mastering sexual energy
  • Sexercises and arousal control - your sexual drivers license
  • Masculinity – how you become a more masculine and centered lover
  • Lovemaking technique - last longer by using the right methods and techniques
  • And much much more ...

sounds good!
but is this really for me?

The short answer: Yes, TantraCURE is for ALL men who wish to last longer in bed, become more masculine and virile, who wish to learn to harness their sexual energy and learn to REALLY satisfy women …

  • Perhaps you have suffered from premature ejaculation for as long as you can remember
  • Maybe you suffer from performance anxiety and would like to rebuild your sexual self confidence
  • Maybe you would like to widen your horizon and learn how to channel your sexual energy
  • Maybe you have days with good control – and bad days with absolutely no control
  • Maybe you’re a young man in your first relationship
  • Maybe you have never completely solved the problem and maybe you push it aside and ignore it
  • Maybe you’d wish you could keep the control when your woman completely opens up and lets go
  • Maybe you would like to be the strong man in your womans life. The man that she can rely on and fully trust
  • Maybe you’re interested in Tantra or Taoism and would like to have a systematic and practical approach to really getting all these concepts to work for you
  • Maybe you just need to talk about your problems or challenges with someone who has been where you are – someone who can guide you to the next level – a mentor who knows what you are going through

No matter your situation TantraCURE can help you to last longer naturally.

But … I must tell you that TantraCURE is NOT for all men.

It is for you who sees the importance of having a good sex life and who does not wish to waste his best sexual years because its “embarrassing” to ask for help, or because you are not willing to use time and energy to become a better lover.

TantraCURE is for you who ….

is willing to make an effort through a daily training program.

Imagine the following …

  • Strengthening your sexual health and get better sexual stamina
  • Doing something good for your self, your sex life and your couple relationship
  • Getting your masculine self confidence back – both in and out of bed
  • Getting an amazing sex life that increases your health at all levels
  • Getting an ability to attract women and to fully satisfy women
  • Establishing a firm connection with your masculine core

this is what happy clients are saying ...

Since 2012 we have already helped over 4000 men to improve their sexual stamina.

Here are some testimonials that have been sent to us from happy clients. Clients that have used our methods and techniques to last longer in bed and to satisfy themselves and their partners.

DISCLAIMER! Just because you use our methods and techniques it does not automatically imply that you will get the same results. These men followed through on the teachings and enthusiastically share their results.

"Really enjoying your program and have gone from the usual 2 minutes to now lasting an average of 15 minutes, after week 4. And thanks so much for this because it makes a HUGE difference! If my girlfriend was not satisfied after 15 minutes, then sometimes we do it again an hour later. And the second time I am the king of the world! I can continue and continue, full on from the start til the end. I would never have imagined that I was able to do this."

DISCLAIMER: This testimonial is based on that of a satisfied client. We can in no way guarantee that you will get the same results

"For many years I have read almost everything I could get my hand on about Tantra and sexual energy. My interest has primarily focused on how to feel sexual energy, how one moves it up the spine and how to surf on the wave of sexual pleasure. TantraCURE is easy to read and easy to comprehend. I recommend TantraCURE as it is easy to approach."

DISCLAIMER: This testimonial is based on that of a satisfied client. We can in no way guarantee that you will get the same results

"I have achieved SO much until now and I see it as the greatest transformation in ALL of my life and I thank you many times for this."

DISCLAIMER: This testimonial is based on that of a satisfied client. We can in no way guarantee that you will get the same results

"Thankyou for a fantastic program!"

DISCLAIMER: This testimonial is based on that of a satisfied client. We can in no way guarantee that you will get the same results

"...I would like to say thankyou for a great program. It has helped med on the personal level and I think it is very interesting to learn about tantra and to work with sexual energy."

DISCLAIMER: This testimonial is based on that of a satisfied client. We can in no way guarantee that you will get the same results

"...and we have had amazing sex lately (15-20min) …"

DISCLAIMER: This testimonial is based on that of a satisfied client. We can in no way guarantee that you will get the same results

"... Suddenly everything just lifted up. There was no more pressure in my chest. The day after we had sex, and I have never felt the going so strong and I realized what had happened. I had let go of the emotional blockages that were in me and I had accepted myself and the whole situation ..."

DISCLAIMER: This testimonial is based on that of a satisfied client. We can in no way guarantee that you will get the same results

"... thankyou for a nice product, I have waited a long time for something like this ..."

DISCLAIMER: This testimonial is based on that of a satisfied client. We can in no way guarantee that you will get the same results

"Thanks for a great and inspiring product, which I am devouring with great interest"

DISCLAIMER: This testimonial is based on that of a satisfied client. We can in no way guarantee that you will get the same results

"... thanks for a great product, incredible how much of it fits my description when I read the main manual..."

DISCLAIMER: This testimonial is based on that of a satisfied client. We can in no way guarantee that you will get the same results

".... first off, I would like to say thanks for your system which has really boosted my performance and given me many insights…"

DISCLAIMER: This testimonial is based on that of a satisfied client. We can in no way guarantee that you will get the same results

"When I first encountered the TantraCURE system, I had not in my wildest imagination imagined that it would have such a positive influence regarding my view on sexuality and on life in general. I would dare to say that the TantraCURE system is the best developed product in its category until now. I have gained more appetite for life, strengthened my self confidence, sexuality and started a lot of new initiatives that I never would have done otherwise. Already now that I have covered the first steps on the path I see surprising results, both sexually and spiritually. The relationship to my girlfriend has become more intimate since I shared my process with her."

DISCLAIMER: This testimonial is based on that of a satisfied client. We can in no way guarantee that you will get the same results

"To you guys out there: Continue following the program, its really worth it. You will feel on top and as a man should be. This makes your woman love you more, as you become the support she has sought for all her life. I have fallen more in love with my girl friend and she in me and this has happened in a very short time."

DISCLAIMER: This testimonial is based on that of a satisfied client. We can in no way guarantee that you will get the same results

"First of all I would like to thank you for a good program, which not only has given me more sexual stamina, but also in my daily life I feel a huge difference, especially on the days where I follow through with the exercises as opposed to the days where I don't find the time."

DISCLAIMER: This testimonial is based on that of a satisfied client. We can in no way guarantee that you will get the same results

"Hi Hans and thankyou for a super nice program"

DISCLAIMER: This testimonial is based on that of a satisfied client. We can in no way guarantee that you will get the same results

"... things are really shaping up and many times lately we have had really good sex! So my advice to all out there is to hang on. And try to quieten your mind, this has been one of the most difficult things for me. So thanks for a fantastic program ..."

DISCLAIMER: This testimonial is based on that of a satisfied client. We can in no way guarantee that you will get the same results

"We (my wife and I) have tried many things with more or less success. Therefore we purchased your program in the hope of finding a permanent solution. We have gone through the material together and had many good discussions along the way. So thank you for a great program."

DISCLAIMER: This testimonial is based on that of a satisfied client. We can in no way guarantee that you will get the same results

"Thanks for the tip and link regarding the technique in how to get full body orgasms. Despite my 40 years of age I have to say you never get too old to learn something new. I have never been able to give my wife orgasms, but after having gone through the program I succeeded in giving her 3 squirting orgasms in a row. It was amazing, not just for her, but also for me. She was crying profoundly afterwards and was deeply grateful for what I had given to her."

DISCLAIMER: This testimonial is based on that of a satisfied client. We can in no way guarantee that you will get the same results

"Thanks for your program, it has really been an eye opener."

DISCLAIMER: This testimonial is based on that of a satisfied client. We can in no way guarantee that you will get the same results

"First of all - thanks so much for your program, it has really opened my world and been such a great help!"

DISCLAIMER: This testimonial is based on that of a satisfied client. We can in no way guarantee that you will get the same results


A revolutionary new path of sexuality …

As a TantraCURE member you have access to an arsenal of tools, methods and techniques
designed to help you to cure premature ejaculation and to last longer in bed.

a truly unique system

A step by step method to attaining sexual mastery


You can wave goodbye to solutions such as desensitizing creams, pills, sprays, thick condoms and pills. When you learn to last longer naturally through turning on the right switches in your body and mind then you don’t need these temporary solutions anymore. You can quickly experience more self confidence, potence and energy as a result of controlling your sexual energy.


TantraCURE is based on what we believe are the most effective methods and techniques from Tantra, Taoism and modern western sexology and put together in a step by step system that will give you what you need to know in order to control your sexual energy and last as long as you want.


All the exercises and techniques are built up around the harmonious awakening and channelling of the sexual energy. Sexual energy is one of the most fundamental energies in your being. Whether you want to add 15 minutes to your stamina time or learn to channel your sexual energy so that you can last for hours then this system will help to take you to the next level *. TantraCURE is for you who wishes to have ECSTATIC SEX.


Each lesson comes in the form of a video and a manual. You can choose to see the video or to read the manual – or both if this is what suits you. In these videos and manuals I will be teaching you in depth and practical knowledge regarding control of the sexual energy.


The main backbone of the system are the daily training videos. You navigate to your days training and you start the first training video of the day. You follow along SIMULTANEOUSLY as I perform each and every exercise – in this way you will be doing the training in THE RIGHT WAY and you won’t make mistakes. Many of our members SWEAR by these videos as they give a day by day fundament. In our 8 week online course you will find OVER 90 TRAINING VIDEOS!


Here is an overview of the different elements in the course


FOCUS: Cure premature ejaculation
Sexual stamina fundamentals – what is premature ejaculation and how to cure yourself, your nervous system and brain interface, introduction to the 7 step training program, the flow of sexual energy, training of awareness.


FOCUS: Lay your sexual stamina fundaments
During this week you will get all the elements of the daily training served to you in day by day manuals and videos. You will be introduced to how sexual energy flows in your body and how you can awaken this flow in a harmonious way.


FOCUS: Become a multiorgasmic lover
In module 2 of the TantraCURE system we get really advanced. This is an 8 week intensive online sexual training program which builds on the skills you have attained in the Stamina Switch and in TantraCURE Module 1. In this program you learn the 3 keys to attaining sexual mastery and you get the preliminary training for becoming a multi orgasmic man.


FOCUS: Daily training makes the master
Sexual energy flows through the body in 7 modalities. By following a training program that respects these modalities you are aligning yourself with your sexual energy. A simple yet effective daily training that will take you through all the exercises you need to gain more control over the sexual energy.


FOCUS: Personal mentoring
In our online member forum you can ask me questions about the exercises or about your process. This is the closest you get to having your own personal coach at hand.


  • It is discreet - you won't get any packages in the post, and nobody needs to know that you are taking this course
  • You can access the course whenever you want, and it takes a minute from the time you decide to join us till you are sitting with the whole program in front of you on your computer
  • You can go back and forth in the modules and material as often as you like and need - the material is yours forever
  • If you don't have time to finish a module you simply return and take it later
Join now …

and get an amazing deal

By joining TantraCURE today you will get a complete 8 week course with hours of teachings, techniques and exercises. If I were to personally teach you all the techniques and methods through one on one consultations it would quickly add up to over 4000 dollars. You save A LOT of money by being able to take this course online and you have access to the materials for ever.

TantraCURE is a combination of new research and Tantric/Taoist knowledge collected in an intensive program which aims to help you to gain long lasting sexual stamina. The knowledge you will receive in this program is UNIQUE.


I believe that you will be extremely pleased with the TantraCURE system and thats why I am willing to give you a 2 month “money back guarantee” so that you can try out the program and if you are not 100% satisfied you get every penny back.

I won’t ask you any questions (you are welcome to give me feedback off course), you can just ask ClickBank, a secure online retailer to refund you your amount and you get it back.

Its that easy. We want men aboard this program that are happy for what we offer – that is what is most important for me.

But as I said, I think you will really like TantraCURE. Only 1% of people who buy my products want refunds (the average for online programs lies over 5%) – meaning that 99% of all men who purchase TantraCURE choose to keep my programs.

instant access to amazing value

For the price of a one on one coaching session with me you will get
hours of materials which you can use again and again:

  • 14 Videos and Theory Manuals
  • 14 Training Manuals
  • Member Forum
  • Amazing Bonuses
  • Over 60 Training videos
  • Sexual Stamina Hypnoguides
  • Member resource section
  • Life time updates

click the buy now button and access your membership area

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At the same time your login information will be sent to your email.

P.S. TantraCURE is easy and discreet. After purchase you are lead to the clickbank order form. After payment you will be lead to your membership site where you can see your videos and download your materials. TantraCURE is a 100% digital product.

P.P.S. Once you have access to TantraCURE you will have access to what I believe is the worlds largest online sexual stamina program. 2 modules, 8 week training program, 8 weeks of training videos, life long membership, deep relaxation sexual energy management mp3’s, bonus video lectures, bonus meditation album and lots lots more. PLUS: You will get access to me via an online forum where you can ask me all the questions you want.

The methods and techniques that I show you come from sexology, Taoism and Tantra and are among the most powerful techniques that exist that help you work your sexual energy. This program will help you whether you are a young man 18 years of age or a man in your fifties – age is not an issue – the most important thing is that you are serious with the program – and if you are, then I can tell you with complete certainty that the knowledge and the training that you will receive here will completely transform your life.

I look forward to working together with you.

Yours truly,
Johannes Ehvass

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