Many men write to me to ask me how they avoid performance anxiety. It is especially when they have just met a new woman and are going to bed with her for the first time that performance anxiety rears its ugly head. They become so nervous that they either cannot get an erection, or ejaculate the moment they penetrate…

I will start by telling you a thing you absolutely MUST understand if you suffer from performance anxiety and have a tendency of getting nervous around women.

A mistake most men make…

I have noticed a fundamental difference between how men and women interact when they meet a ”potentiel partner”.

Women are usually quite relaxed when they meet a new man. They act in a way which signals: “I would like to get to know you better, and then lets see where all of this leads”.

But men have the tendency to see all women that they meet as potential partners for life, new girlfriend material or at least one-night-stands.

So in other words, women are RELAXED in the start when they meet new men. But how relaxed do you think a guy is if he sees any new woman as A POTENTIAL GIRLFRIEND?

It is naturally our “masculine instinct” that we must show ourselves from our best and strongest side to conquer a woman.

But this unfortunately creates a lot of psychic pressure in men, and not a good pressure – it is the kind of pressure that makes men doubt their own ability and be the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they really want to be.

And if you already have experienced premature ejaculation – then it doesn’t exactly make the situation easier …

You begin to doubt yourself and your abilities between the sheets, your ability to satisfy her, how she wants it, what she likes, what you need to do next etc…

You begin to act “nervously” and the woman herself becomes uncomfortable because you are not “centered” … and a vicious cycle is born
In other words you begin to act “nervously” and the woman herself becomes uncomfortable because you are not “centered” … and a vicious cycle is born.

The date ends wih the man coming too quickly and driving home from the date humiliated with a broken self confidence and a nagging doubt if he ever will see the woman again …

You probably can relate to this at some level.

Actually most men can relate to this – even those men that usually don’t have any problems lasting long in bed. All men will at some point experience nervousness or performance anxiety with women.

The solution to the problem …

Performance anxiety is one of the 7 triggers that make men come too quickly again and again. And for many men curing performance anxiety is the ONLY problem they have.

when performance anxiety disappears – problems with premature ejaculation disappear
In other words – when performance anxiety disappears, problems with premature ejaculation disappear.

In our TantraCURE online program we have a WHOLE CHAPTER dedicated to help you overcome performance anxiety.

The technique you peform in the TantraCURE training is simple to perform, but behind it lies a complex knowledge of the body’s energy system and how to let go of negative emotions.

It is important to understand that emotions are just “waves” of negative energy. This negative energy runs (as does sexual energy) in certain meridians in the body (the subtle nervous system). If this negative energy is not released it is stored in the body as muscular tensions and stiffness in the joints.

The good part is that you can learn a technique to release the negative energy in the body when it arises. In this way you remove performance anxiety in the present moment, and liberate yourself from it in the moment it arises.

At the same time you avoid it implanting itself as tension in your body – a tension that gives headaches and blocks the energy flow in the body.

Instead of being transformed into a “nervous and needy” man by your emotions, you can rest in your MASCULINE ESSENCE. In this way you give women exactly what they need to feel in order to trigger an ENORMOUS ATTRACTION towards you.

And this is just one of the advantages of learning to release negative energy.

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