Do you ejaculate the moment you penetrate her? Or even before you take of your pants? Then you probably have serotonin defficiency.

Its a bit comical. But not if you find yourself in the situation.
And it happens to many men – even after the insecure high school and acne years.

The condition is called “hypersensitivity” (duh), and studies show that it is very much related to the lack of the hormone serotonin.

If you have low serotonin levels you might have an extremely low IELT. IELT is an acronym for “INTRAVAGINAL EJACULATION LATENCY TIME” meaning the time between penetration (or stimulation) til ejaculation.

But we must remember that stimulation/arousal starts in the mind – and many men ejaculate in their pants, without any type of physical stimulation. In this case the acronym IELT makes no sense because no penetration has actually taken place.

A more precise acronym would be “AELT” or “AROUSAL EJACULATION LATENCY TIME” – meaning the amount of time between the initial arousal to the ejaculation – but this is more difficult to measure so scientists go with IELT.

Many teenage men suffer from hypersensitivity.

But unfortunately for some men, the problem continues their whole life.
Many doctors (primarily in the US) have tried to treat this type of premature ejaculation with anti-depressant medicine. This type of medicine boosts serotonin levels in different ways but unfortunately often also blocks the erection process, with the result that you suddenly find yourself with another even worse problem – erectile dysfunction.

So anti-depressants are actually not a very effective, natural or satisfying solution.

Premature Ejaculation And The Right Treatment

As in all types of premature ejaculation it is the right kind of training that is required. The problem with hypersensitivity is that if your AELT is so low that you ejaculate after the slightest stimulation – it might be difficult for you even to do classic premature ejaculation exercises (such as start stop techniques) without ejaculating.

As a hypersensitive man you have to balance your serotonin levels first which will give you a slight rise of AELT/IELT. This means that you now can perform breathing techniques and train your pelvic muscles while you are sexually excited – which is a huge leap forward. From there you can start increasing your sexual stamina minute by minute.

One of my clients was so sensitive that he ejaculated as soon as he got a sexual thought or got the slightest bit aroused. By increasing his serotonin levels he could get over his hypersensitivity allowing him to start the basic necessary premature ejaculation arousal training.

In the TantraCURE program I run through all the different hormonal imbalances that make men come too quickly. There are many things you can do that will balance your hormones and strengthen your sexual health through the right diet and lifestyle changes.

For instance, you can:
  • Eat food that boosts or limits certain hormones that play a role in the ejaculation process
  • Regulate your hormones by doing different kinds of exercise and find out whether soft or hard physical exercise is best for you
  • Follow through on life style changes and begin new activities that harmonize your hormones

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