To master your sexual energy, and to become a super lover that can last as long as you would like and really satisfy women

Yes, that sounds good …
But can YOU really learn that? And where do you start?

If you are as many men that have suffered from premature ejaculation for a longer period, then you have probably asked yourself that question a few times.

But believe me, it is not as difficult as you might think.

When you have “reprogrammed” your body and your brain, it will happen NATURALLY. You will begin to channel your sexual energy away from your sexual organs, so it does not build up there and accumulate like a pressure cooker

In the beginning you have to TRAIN YOURSELF, and there will be a lot to think about. A little like learning to drive a car.

But as you train, all your skills will start to melt together and to become automatic reflexes that you need not think about in order to perform.

Like when learning to drive a car, there are some fundamental skills that need to be in place
Like when you are out driving, you’re not constantly thinking about changing gears. Its an automatic sequence of moves that you perform without thinking. Making love is also a question of changing gears according to the situation.

You free yourself from the techniques and can let go of them.

Its a new series of skills you have, and that you always can take with you.

And this gives you an AMAZING SENSE OF FREEDOM.

But what is it you have to learn, and how do you learn it?

More precisely its a whole row of skills, but like when driving a car there are a FEW FUNDAMENTAL skills that need to be in place in order to last longer.

These necessary skills are applying the brakes, being relaxed and being focused. These 3 skills are trained through disciplined daily practice.


Obviously you need to be able to brake. In the start you have the tendency of applying the brakes too hard and the driving experience becomes a series of lurches and halts, but after a while you start using the brakes in the right way. In order to learn to “brake” in the lovemaking you need to learn both to contract and to relax the different pelvic muscles.


You cannot enjoy the ride if you are contracted and tense. The same applies in lovemaking. When you are relaxed the sexual energy flows through you and you can be present and aware in the experience and channel the sexual energy into the rest of the body – instead of letting the energy accumulate in the genital area where it creates nervousness, frustration, anxiety and tension.


You should be able to focus on your body and to FEEL what is happening so you don’t drive over the edge and ejaculate too early. Through the help of focus you direct your breathing, your mind and thereby your level of arousal and you through your focus and overview you can make love by following a “map” where you perform foreplay and lovemaking with techniques and sex positions that awaken the sexual energy in the right way. This “map” and these “techniques” awaken the sexual energy in the right way and is something you can learn in the TantraCURE training.

  • Your pelvic muscles are toned, you know how to contract and relax in the different situations
  • You have learned to move your sexual energy through focusing your mind in the right way
  • You know the effects that your breathing has on your arousal level and you have coordinated your breathing with your thrusting
  • You have learned to thrust in different ways while at the same time channeling sexual energy away from the genital region, so that you avoid getting too aroused until you choose to get aroused
  • You can feel your body more, because you have trained relaxing it in the proper way allowing you to turn up or down the volume of your arousal…
In order to learn these things you need some discipline, but you will quickly experience results. And its worth it.

Imagine that:

  • You really satisfy your woman and give her nights she never will forget
  • You know with 100% certainty that she really enjoys having sex with you
  • You get extra energy and surplus when you learn to control your sexual energy
  • You get a whole new level of ability in attracting women and a strong masculine charisma
  • You get much better sex whether you are in a couple relationship or whether you are dating different women
  • You get positive feedback from women who finally have found a lover that can satisfy them
  • It becomes easy for you to last longer in bed and your arousal curve is harmonized so you don’t go over the top in a matter of seconds
  • You feel a renewed spark, passion and intimacy with your partner, because sex has gone from being a source of frustration for you both to being a source of deep satisfaction …

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