Most men make the mistake of contracting the pelvic floor and muscles around the penis when close to the edge – and often completely unconsciously. When you are about to come the pelvic muscles seem to tense up all by themselves … So what do you do?

The answer is …

You do the OPPOSITE.

You consciously RELAX your pelvic muscles.

If you are actively relaxing in your pelvic muscles, you will send a SIGNAL to your body that you are not about to ejaculate. The body reacts to these small commands given by your physiology, and it now prepares itself to cool down again.

So if you are on the edge, then RELAX in your pelvic muscles rather that doing what most men do: contracting.

In other words, tensing and contracting intensify the arousal and pleasure – while relaxing cools you down.

This – and many other essential small sneaky trickes is what you will receive in the TantraCURE system.

Its important to understand how the body reacts to different SIGNALS and to small changes in physiology. In this way you can go in and consciously change how the body reacts by modifying a few things in your body – in this way you avoid following your biology that will instinctively take you over the edge in a few minutes – or seconds.

The most normal mistake men do in pelvic muscle training …

Most pelvic muscle training teaches med to CONTRACT in the buttocks and pelvic floor to get a better muscle tonus. And yes, strong muscles are an important part of having a strong and healthy pelvic region.

But it is not enough just to CONTRACT, you also need to know how to RELAX in the area.

“If all you are training is the contraction of your pelvic muscles, you will find that your premature ejaculation gets worse”
If all you are training is THE CONTRACTION of your pelvic muscles, you will find that your premature ejaculation gets WORSE.


When you don’t relax in your muscles after having contracting them, the muscles become tired. This means they start “vibrating” during sex due to tiredness. This gives weaker erections where the semen has a tendency to simply leak out. Resulting in a loss of ability to last long in bed.

10 years ago when I started to train my pelvic muscles, I started out HARD and FANATICALLY. In the beginning it seemed that my erection got harder and that I had more control over my sexual energy. But I quickly realized that my efforts BACKFIRED.

My pelvic floor started to shake and “vibrate” during sex, and I got a feeling of TIREDNESS in the whole area – with the result that my erections became weak and that I had less control of my level of arousal.

In pelvic muscle training the ESSENTIAL KEY is LEARNING TO RELAX THE MUSCLES.

Why normal pelvic muscle training is not enough …

I have noticed that most people that guide others in pelvic muscle training unfortunately only speak about the “pelvic muscles” or the “PC muscle”.

But the “PC muscle” in fact refers to a whole set of muscles that can be subdivided into different areas that need to be trained individually.

Its not enough to contract your buttocks in a chaotic and random way while waiting for the bus!

There are 3 main areas you need to train in different combinations.

One area for harder erections, one area for better control, and one area that is in charge of leading surplus sexual energy away from the pelvic region..

All of these areas need to be strong and need to be able to be relaxed ON COMMAND – and you need to be able to relax and contract these areas SPECIFICALLY.

“Pelvic muscle training is complex, and it easily creates confusion if it is not done in a systematic way”
So pelvic muscle training is complex, and it easily creates confusion if it is not done in a systematic way.

In the TantraCURE training you a get a top class pelvic muscle program that systematically guides you through all the necessary areas, step by step so that you gradually increase your strength, become more aware of the different areas – and learn how to RELAX them in the proper way.

The pelvic muscle training in TantraCURE has been created for men that wish to last as long as they want and to strengthen their sexual stamina.

The program will also help you to use the pelvic floor to open up the flow of sexual energy in your body, so that you avoid always being on the verge of ejaculating – and instead can EXPAND YOUR PLEASURE and get MORE INTENSE ORGASMS.

Not bad, hey?

And thats just a few of the BENEFITS of training your pelvic floor.

And thats not all. Pelvic muscle training is just one of the essential things that you will be training in the 12 week program that teaches you to be at top class lover.

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