Did you know that we have two nervous systems that both play a HUGE role during sex?

Knowing about your parasympathetic (“relaxed”) nervous system – or the sympathetic (“stressed”) nervoussystem will greatly help you on your quest to last longer.

The parasympathetic nervous system is activated when we are relaxed. The body is digesting your food and you are breathing slowly and deeply. Life is a breeze and nothing is threatening our well being or comfort.

On the other hand – in a life threatening situation your brain activates the sympathetic nervous system which helps prepare your body for fight or flight mode. The breathing speeds up and blood is sent to your muscles instead of your digestive system – which effectively is put on hold. Your whole body tenses up as you prepare to either fight for your life or to escape.

Being in the parasympathetic nervous system makes you last longer because of a long row of complex biochemical processes in the body.

Part of the job of the sympathetic nervous system on the other hand, is to help the body rid itself of bodily liquids (including semen) – as quickly as possible (thats why you either urinate or deficate in situations of high anxiety) – so you want to avoid getting into a sympathetic mode unless you want to ejaculate off course.
Most men that suffer from premature ejaculation start making love when the sympathetic (stressed) nervous system is already fully activated
Most men that suffer from premature ejaculation start making love when the sympathetic (stressed) nervous system is already fully activated.

So its quite important that you start the lovemaking in a relaxed state of being.

If you begin the love making in a relaxed or parasympathetic mode you get what is called a “relaxed erection”. The type of erection you get in a stressed mode is called a “stressed erection”.

The advantages of a relaxed erection are:
  • You get a more balanced brain chemistry during sex that makes it easier for you to last long
  • Your dopamine levels in the brain will rise slowly instead of “peaking” in the matter of a few minutes
  • You avoid getting oversensitive so you wind up coming too quickly

If on the other hand you start the love making hard core style with no foreplay you will get a “stressed erection” where your sympathetic nervous system controls the show – and in this case the show will be over pretty quickly!

There are many things you can do to start of the lovemaking with a “relaxed erection”:
  • Do foreplay (at least 10 minutes) where you focus on entering a relaxed enjoying mood, instead of allowing yourself to become overly aroused and excited
  • You can also enter the relaxed parasympathetic mode by giving and receiving massage before the lovemaking, so if you can get your girlfriend into the massage thing, it will greatly help you
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