You know that feeling …?

You’re making love with your woman and its going pretty good.

…But all of a sudden you come too quickly without even knowing why it happened!

10 years ago when I myself suffered BIG TIME from premature ejaculation I had absolutely NO IDEA of why I came too quickly – it just kind of happened.

I would be thinking “this is going gooood” and all of a sudden I would ejaculate …

So I felt completely clueless to what I could do to solve the problem.
And that left me feeling deeply frustrated.

Sounds like something you know?

But through a long period where I tried all sorts of techniques to lasting longer in bed, I found out how you can know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY how close you are to the edge.

I developed a kind of “technique” that helped me avoid ever coming too early, and I will pass it on to you now.

Here is what you do …

First of all you need to become aware of your current level of arousal.

You need to give your level of arousal a number on a scale of 1 to 10.

10 being so excited that you will come in the next thrust.

5 being a medium level of arousal – a level where you are ready to start the lovemaking.

And a number 1 being the first initial sexual thought crossing your mind …

If you suffer from premature ejaculation you are almost certainly already at level 9 before even STARTING to make love. And from a 9 to a 10 there is not much room for fun and games … starting at level 9 does not enable you to last much longer than a minute (or perhaps two on a good day).

So that obviously sucks.

“If you are too aroused then WAIT before you penetrate”
Therefore you must decide to never start making love when you are higher than a level 5. So if you are too aroused then WAIT before you penetrate.

Moreover you need to decide that you never move beyond level 7 during lovemaking! This gives you enough headroom to be able to shortly go up to level 8 and still have enough time to cool down to a level 7 again.

When you learn to put a number on your level of arousal you can make a conscious decision of reducing your level and applying the brakes so you always are on the good side of the point of no return.

The first 10 minutes are the most difficult …

Remember that the first 10 minutes are the most difficult. If you succeed to last more than 10 minutes and then remember to keep yourself at level 7 then you most probably can make it to half an hour or more.

Putting a number on your level of arousal is just one of the techniques you can apply to control your level of arousal.

“If you succeed to last more than 10 minutes and then remember to keep yourself at level 7 then you most probably can make it to half an hour or more”
By learning all the arousal techniques, you will not only become more aware of your level of arousal, you will also learn to contain more and more sexual energy in your body during lovemaking – this allows you to gradually stay longer and longer at each level so you finally can stay at level 9 where the enjoyment is at an absolute peak WITHOUT BEING AFRAID OF COMING. This is where the magic is. When you are perfectly balanced between a 9 and 10 you start experiencing MULTIPLE ORGASMS without ejaculating. Cool huh?

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