One of the main reasons men suffer from premature ejaculation is performance anxiety. One of the most efficient cures for performance anxiety is the ability to visualize. Being able to see the whole lovemaking scenario in your minds eye on before hand will help your body to be prepared for the “sensual onslaught” which happens during lovemaking. Exactly as professional athletes work with a sport psychologist to visualize their performance – you are able to visualize your own sexual performance. It boils down to being able to see yourself perform perfectly. And when you think about it, being able to perform for a long time in bed is a very physical endeavor and can in many ways be likened to performing sports. In the following video Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks about the art of visualization and how he has used it to get success in 3 different fields: Bodybuilding, acting and politics. You can overcome premature ejaculation with the correct mindset. By picturing a perfect lovemaking scenario where you last long, you can get your body to perform exactly like you wish it to perform. Your body performs much better when you have fed it the end result by feeding your brain with the imagery of what you wish to achieve. To show you this important principle, I have included a video that shows Anthony Robbins instructing Frank Kern and John Reese in how visualizing something affects the bodies ability to perform. When you have seen the video you will get a deeper understanding of how the body follows the pictures you create in your mind. Understanding this might give you the break through that you need in order to cure premature ejaculation. ATTENTION! The exercise itself starts 25 minutes into the video When you feel you have understood the concepts, heres a little exercise you can perform a couple of hours before meeting with your girl friend:

EXERCISE: Find a comfortable spot where you won’t get disturbed. You can sit on a chair keeping your spine straight, it’s also okay to sit in your favourite couch. Now close your eyes and imagine the perfect lovemaking scenario. To get a clear inner picture you can ask yourself the following questions: Who are you making love with? How does she look? What is her hair color? Eye color? How does her perfume smell? Where are you making love? How long time does it last? What feeling are you giving your partner? How is your self confidence? You must pick a situation, and replay it again and again every evening. – Each time you do it then add more and more visual details: the details of the surroundings, details of how the woman looks, details of the lovemaking etc. Each time become more and more specific with the sensations and emotions. Visualization performed on a daily basis is one of the most efficient methods to gain success. If you use 10 minutes per day visualizing before going to bed – you will be able to feel the effects after a couple of days.
Visualization is a big topic and I have a ton of videos and information which could be interesting for you. This was just a little appetizer. I hope it was useful and that you will start experimenting with the technique. If you have any questions about visualization you are most welcome to ask me by leaving a comment down below. I have many years of experience using these principles and I have achieved a great deal of success with the technique. I have used it to gain top performances in basketball and swimming, I have used it to become more supple, I have used it to manifest certain amounts of money, I have used it to improve my ability to last longer in bed and even to visualize vacant parking spots on busy days. The whole secret is being able to picture as intensely and focused as possible when visualizing, eliminate all doubt and focus on the feeling of already having obtained what you wish for. So go on ahead and try it! You have nothing to lose and an amazing sex life to gain.
In TantraCURE I will go more in depth with how you can cure premature ejaculation using visualization. I often use visualization with great success to obtain the perfect performance in bed. If you are going out tonight on a date or just meeting your woman, why not give her the best time of her life? If you have any questions about TantraCURE, please leave a comment down below and I’ll get back as quickly as possible. I wish you a great day and lots of success on your path to sexual mastery Hans P.S. If this article was interesting for you ==>


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