Why Can A “Tantrically Trained Man” Last So Long?

Why Can A “Tantrically Trained Man” Last So Long?

All of my life I have heard men say that they felt tense and that they had to “let of steam” (i.e. ejaculate), as if this were the most natural thing in the world.

But with the knowledge I now possess I know that this is not a very good idea. Especially not if you want to attain a good sexual stamina and avoid the risk of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction – ailments that are often the direct consequence of exaggerated masturbation and porn addiction.

If you are one of the those men that masturbate many times per day while looking at porn, then take it easy – I don’t want to make you feel like the greatest sinner on Earth.

To masturbate with ejaculation is a completely natural reaction when we never have heard anything about the topic and we don’t know some fundamental things about sexual energy.

All our lives we have heard that it is okay to masturbate and ejaculate often. Its embedded in our culture

And as a man you probably feel like sex many times during a day or at least many times a week, and if you don’t get any sex you probably experience pressure building up in the pelvic area and a desire to get rid of that pressure.

All of this perfectly normal

But what if I were to tell you that there was a better alternative than “letting of steam”?

One of the greatest secrets from Yoga, Tantra and Taoism is that your sexual energy is fuel
You see, one of the greatest secrets from Yoga, Tantra and Taoism is that your sexual energy is fuel.

It is the most powerful energy in your whole being – it is your very life energy Your “Libido” or “drive” as Freud called it.

This life energy is stored in the semen – and when you ejaculate it out of your body you lose a HUGE AMOUNT of energy.

Instead this sexual energy can be re-circulated in your body

This calls for a more in depth explanation …

Seksuel Kontinens You can choose to see the sexual energy as an energy that is stored in a container – a container that is placed in the pelvic and genital area.

There are two openings in this container. One leads out through the genitals. The other one leads out to a channel that runs up the spine.

When a man trained in Tantra is making love he is continuously channeling the sexual energy up the spine.

In this way he creates a flow of energy so that pressure is not accumulated in the container, a container that otherwise would explode.

This ability allows this kind of man to last for hours in bed.

Any man can learn to do this, and become what I call a “sexual energy manager” – a man who masters his sexual energy. Instead of accumulating energy and building up “steam” and pressure that you release through an ejaculation you send the energy up your spine in this way distributing it in your whole body. By doing this you will attain perfect mastery over your sexual energy and as an extra side benefit you will also experience deeper and more satisfying orgasms than the few seconds of measly pleasure that usually accompany an ejaculation (in other words, why go for a few seconds of second grade pleasure accompanied by tiredness and the guilt feeling that follows, when you can energize your whole body, get multiple orgasms and feel AMAZING after sex. Its a complete no-brainer).

The secret to mastering the sexual energy is to let it run up your spine instead of out through your genitals.
The secret to mastering the sexual energy is to let it run up your spine instead of out through your genitals.

But how do you do this?

You see, its a bit like surfing.

Instead of falling of the surfboard when the wave hits, the tantra man rides on the wave of sexual pleasure. He does this for as long as he wants … while giving her one orgasm after the other.

The problem is that many men suffer from the following:
  • Stress
  • Poor diet
  • Guilt feelings around sexuality
  • Nervousness and performance anxiety
  • Masculinity problems
  • Lack of sensitivity
  • Lack of empathy and love
  • Lack of “life mission”

These factors can block up the channel in the spine that allows the sexual energy to pass upwards.

The sexual energy which accumulates during arousal has thereby no way to get out – and so the pressure rises in the container eventually leading to ejaculation.

If you have problems coming too quickly, its because the pressure in the container builds up too quickly and the body sees no other way out than to let it out with an ejaculation.

Therefore its important to PREPARE THE BODY to surf on the waves of pleasure. You can do this through different exercises that teach you to channel your sexual energy upwards instead of just accumulating and releasing pressure. It could also be necessary to work with specific acupunture points if the energy is very blocked, especially if you suffer from premature ejaculation.

But first of all its training to have the proper mindset.

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The Tantric Triangle: Last Longer With The Right Love Making Technique

The Tantric Triangle: Last Longer With The Right Love Making Technique

Lovemaking “Mistakes” are one of the biggest reasons men suffer from premature ejaculation – and most men make one of these mistakes – without even knowing it …

Find out if you are making any of these mistakes so you don’t need to repeat them! And forever satisfy yourself and your partner.

The Secret Behind The Tantric Triangle …

Tantra teaches us that there is a “secret” correlation between breathing, mind and sexual arousal. These 3 factors all affect each other and also affect one essential thing: Your level of arousal.

You can affect your level of arousal by controlling your breathing AND/OR your mind.

So this is the Tantric Triangle and it is composed of:

This simple correlation is the foundation of a long row of tantric techniques that teach men to gain full control over the ejaculation. And it works surprisingly quickly and efficiently.

Why you must build up the energy and start slowly

If you want to succeed with this you have to start USING YOUR MIND.

You have probably noticed that the first 10 minutes of lovemaking are the most difficult.

After the first 10 minutes the body itself starts turning the sexual energy to life force energy in the body. But BEFORE that – you have to trigger this process, and before this process is triggered you will have the tendency to accumulate a LOT OF SEXUAL ENERGY VERY QUICKLY in the pelvic area.
The first 10 minutes of lovemaking are CRUCIAL to the rest of the lovemaking
So the idea is that in the first ten minutes you have to remain CALM and LUCID in your mind.

WAIT before you start with the most exciting sex positions and start of with postions that you KNOW do not excite you to the same degree. You can always perform the more exciting sex positions later.

Take 30 seconds and go through this awareness exercise that could potentially spare you from many embarrassing situations:

1) Start by becoming conscious of which positions arouse you the most when you have sex. Is it when she is sitting on top of you? Or is it when you are taking her from behind “doggy style”? These are the two most common sexual positions where men find it hard to control their sexual energy. This off course differs from man to man.

2) When you have found out which positions excite you the most then decide to only perform then when you can feel that you are ready for them – when you feel you are not always on the verge of ejaculating. This would usually be 10-15 minutes into the lovemaking.


Have you ever noticed that when you are super excited, afraid or aroused that you breathe faster and more shallow?

Some men hold their breaths and tense in the whole chest area when they get the slightest bit aroused. Men do this because they have the feeling of being able to CONTROL the energy by TENSING.

The problem is that doing this has the opposite effect.

All kinds of tension in the body result in the sexual energy accumulating as if in a pressure cooker that is about to explode
You will get the feeling of temporary control, but all kinds of tension in the body result in the sexual energy accumulating as if in a pressure cooker that is about to explode

If you decide instead to relax then the energy can start to distribute itself in your body.

You might be completely unaware of the fact that you might be breathing shallow and tensing in the chest area – so remember to check yourself next time you have sex.

Here is a simple breathing technique you can start with, that helps you to breathe deeper and more relaxed while making love.

Do the following:
Perform 3 thrusts while breathing in – and 3 thrusts while breathing out.

Try doing this alone before you have sex. It makes your breathing deep and prepares you for the lovemaking. Its especially easy to use this technique when taking a woman from behind.

It is possible to attain a HUGE degree of control just by using the right type of thrusting technque combined with the right kind of breathing. In this way you have a tool to regain your control. When you MASTER this technique you can take it with you wherever you go. Its stored in your brain and in the way your body responds to sexual stimuli. A technique that works infinitely better than desensitizing creams, sprays and thick condoms. Natural arousal control!

The Pelvic Area …

Not only your breathing and the calmness of your mind play a role in your level of arousal. The degree of tension in your pelvic area also plays a role here. So remember to relax in the pelvic area – and not to tense up! If you tense up in the pelvic area while breathing fast and shallow – then you are on the sure path to disaster.

Relaxed pelvic area + deep slow breathing = better control.

You see, everything is correlated …

It is important to train the coordination between thrusting, breathing and relaxing in the pelvic region to learn basic arousal control
In other words it is important to train the coordination between thrusting, breathing and relaxing in the pelvic region to learn basic arousal control

So if you come too quickly or suffer from premature ejaculation you are most problaby making one or more mistakes, that are related to the incorrect use of your pelvic muscles, your breathing and your mind.

The mistakes that I have mentioned here are some of the most common mistakes men make, but there are many more off course …

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Tantra sex: What is it really?

Tantra sex: What is it really?

Incense? Impossible sex positions? New age wimps and yoga bimbos?

The word “Tantra” brings a long row of associations along with it!

But Tantra is much more than just a bunch of sex tips.

It is a complete system covering the human beings physical, psychic, energetic and spiritual potential.

Tantra has specific techniques that can heal more or less all sexual problems and has different methods and techniques for men and women that all have perfect physical health and spiritual evolution as the end goal.

Tantra is also a philosophical system that teaches a wide range of principals and systems on how body and psyche work and how the being reacts to different kinds of energy.

“Tantra is a complete system covering your physical, psychic, energetic and spiritual potential”
Tantric and Taoist methods serve as the backbone in the TantraCURE system which has been specifically tailored to take you from your current level to becoming a super lover. It is training for men who wish to develop their sexual skills and to become a lover who really can satisfy women and take sex to a whole new level.

Tantra teaches us how to use the sexual energy for other purposes, such as realizing your life potential, attaining your dreams and goals, getting better health and more potency and virility.

There are many techniques from Tantra that can be used to heal couple relationship problems such as lack of intimacy, and yet other techniques which focus on optimizing the mans sexual performance so he ultimately can experience spiritual and extatic sex.

The TantraCURE system is made for men who wish to learn to last longer in bed and who wish to enhance their sexual performance.

Whether you are interested in Tantra in order to become a multiorgasmic man, or you suffer from premature ejaculation and want to learn to last longer in bed, the TantraCURE system will help you to take your sexual stamina and performance to a whole new level.

With the TantraCURE system you can do the necessary training to attain this, privately in your own home, when it suits you without having to go to a course or attend consultations with a sexologist or healer.

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Mens Multiorgasms: Are They Possible And How Do You Do It?

Mens Multiorgasms: Are They Possible And How Do You Do It?

If you could choose between having 5, 10 or more orgasms in the course of a love making session that lasted an hour or two, or even the whole morning – or having one orgasm with ejaculation after a few minutes of huffing and puffing and then rolling over on your side to fall asleep.

What would you choose?

Some men are perfectly satisfied with a 5 minute performance, followed by an orgasm with ejaculation.

Others have the feeling that there has got to be more to it than that …

And others yet, have a really bad feeling inside, both physically and emotionally, after having ejaculated.

Multiorgasms for men ARE possible, no doubt about that. The question is just if you feel like having them. If you are willing to put in the effort to learn it, an effort which anyway always is necessary when having to learn something new..

Multi-orgasms involves physical technique, a fair amount of mental focus – and a fundamental understanding the nature of the orgasm, the ejaculation and of sexual energy.

Let us start with the last concept – sexual energy.

As opposed to what most men think – orgasm and ejaculation are not the same thing
It is important to understand that orgasm and ejaculation are two different processes in the body. They happen so close to each other that we think they happen at the same time. Unless we train ourselves to feel the difference.

You need mental focus to perceive the difference.

And you also need some techniques in order to control the physical aspect of it.

Tantra, taoisme and persian love making forms all teach us the same thing – that sexual energy is life energy.
This life energy can either be stored in the body and with the proper training be made to flow around in the body in so called “meridians” (energy pathways). When we succeed in getting this energy to flow we will experience deep orgasms that involve the whole body.

Or you can choose to LOSE the life energy in a short lasting orgasm which allows the life energy to physically leave the body through the semen and pelvic muscle contractions which take place.

The first step is to understand the nature of sexual energy and how you can get it to flow around in the body. When the energy flows away from the pelvic region then one of the side effects is that you can last longer because you are not perpetually accumulating sexual energy in the area.

You can see it as a pressure cooker where more and more steam is building up – and then finally explodes as there is no other way to let out the steam.

But there is another way to “let of steam” than allowing the semen to escape through an ejaculation. And that is to channel sexual energy away from the pelvic area and to circulate it around in the body. When this happens you will experience longer and deeper orgasms that involve the whole body.

In the TantraCURE Super Sexual System I will be showing you EXACTLY the steps that you need to take in order to enjoy FULL BODY MULTIORGASMS and to channel your sexual energy away from the pelvic area. The sexual energy will then be used to feed a wide variety of beneficial processes in the body.