Why Lasting Long In Bed Is Like Driving A Car

Why Lasting Long In Bed Is Like Driving A Car

To master your sexual energy, and to become a super lover that can last as long as you would like and really satisfy women

Yes, that sounds good …
But can YOU really learn that? And where do you start?

If you are as many men that have suffered from premature ejaculation for a longer period, then you have probably asked yourself that question a few times.

But believe me, it is not as difficult as you might think.

When you have “reprogrammed” your body and your brain, it will happen NATURALLY. You will begin to channel your sexual energy away from your sexual organs, so it does not build up there and accumulate like a pressure cooker

In the beginning you have to TRAIN YOURSELF, and there will be a lot to think about. A little like learning to drive a car.

But as you train, all your skills will start to melt together and to become automatic reflexes that you need not think about in order to perform.

Like when learning to drive a car, there are some fundamental skills that need to be in place
Like when you are out driving, you’re not constantly thinking about changing gears. Its an automatic sequence of moves that you perform without thinking. Making love is also a question of changing gears according to the situation.

You free yourself from the techniques and can let go of them.

Its a new series of skills you have, and that you always can take with you.

And this gives you an AMAZING SENSE OF FREEDOM.

But what is it you have to learn, and how do you learn it?

More precisely its a whole row of skills, but like when driving a car there are a FEW FUNDAMENTAL skills that need to be in place in order to last longer.

These necessary skills are applying the brakes, being relaxed and being focused. These 3 skills are trained through disciplined daily practice.


Obviously you need to be able to brake. In the start you have the tendency of applying the brakes too hard and the driving experience becomes a series of lurches and halts, but after a while you start using the brakes in the right way. In order to learn to “brake” in the lovemaking you need to learn both to contract and to relax the different pelvic muscles.


You cannot enjoy the ride if you are contracted and tense. The same applies in lovemaking. When you are relaxed the sexual energy flows through you and you can be present and aware in the experience and channel the sexual energy into the rest of the body – instead of letting the energy accumulate in the genital area where it creates nervousness, frustration, anxiety and tension.


You should be able to focus on your body and to FEEL what is happening so you don’t drive over the edge and ejaculate too early. Through the help of focus you direct your breathing, your mind and thereby your level of arousal and you through your focus and overview you can make love by following a “map” where you perform foreplay and lovemaking with techniques and sex positions that awaken the sexual energy in the right way. This “map” and these “techniques” awaken the sexual energy in the right way and is something you can learn in the TantraCURE training.

  • Your pelvic muscles are toned, you know how to contract and relax in the different situations
  • You have learned to move your sexual energy through focusing your mind in the right way
  • You know the effects that your breathing has on your arousal level and you have coordinated your breathing with your thrusting
  • You have learned to thrust in different ways while at the same time channeling sexual energy away from the genital region, so that you avoid getting too aroused until you choose to get aroused
  • You can feel your body more, because you have trained relaxing it in the proper way allowing you to turn up or down the volume of your arousal…
In order to learn these things you need some discipline, but you will quickly experience results. And its worth it.

Imagine that:

  • You really satisfy your woman and give her nights she never will forget
  • You know with 100% certainty that she really enjoys having sex with you
  • You get extra energy and surplus when you learn to control your sexual energy
  • You get a whole new level of ability in attracting women and a strong masculine charisma
  • You get much better sex whether you are in a couple relationship or whether you are dating different women
  • You get positive feedback from women who finally have found a lover that can satisfy them
  • It becomes easy for you to last longer in bed and your arousal curve is harmonized so you don’t go over the top in a matter of seconds
  • You feel a renewed spark, passion and intimacy with your partner, because sex has gone from being a source of frustration for you both to being a source of deep satisfaction …

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What You Shouldn’t Do With Your Pelvic Muscles If You Want To Last Long In Bed

What You Shouldn’t Do With Your Pelvic Muscles If You Want To Last Long In Bed

Most men make the mistake of contracting the pelvic floor and muscles around the penis when close to the edge – and often completely unconsciously. When you are about to come the pelvic muscles seem to tense up all by themselves … So what do you do?

The answer is …

You do the OPPOSITE.

You consciously RELAX your pelvic muscles.

If you are actively relaxing in your pelvic muscles, you will send a SIGNAL to your body that you are not about to ejaculate. The body reacts to these small commands given by your physiology, and it now prepares itself to cool down again.

So if you are on the edge, then RELAX in your pelvic muscles rather that doing what most men do: contracting.

In other words, tensing and contracting intensify the arousal and pleasure – while relaxing cools you down.

This – and many other essential small sneaky trickes is what you will receive in the TantraCURE system.

Its important to understand how the body reacts to different SIGNALS and to small changes in physiology. In this way you can go in and consciously change how the body reacts by modifying a few things in your body – in this way you avoid following your biology that will instinctively take you over the edge in a few minutes – or seconds.

The most normal mistake men do in pelvic muscle training …

Most pelvic muscle training teaches med to CONTRACT in the buttocks and pelvic floor to get a better muscle tonus. And yes, strong muscles are an important part of having a strong and healthy pelvic region.

But it is not enough just to CONTRACT, you also need to know how to RELAX in the area.

“If all you are training is the contraction of your pelvic muscles, you will find that your premature ejaculation gets worse”
If all you are training is THE CONTRACTION of your pelvic muscles, you will find that your premature ejaculation gets WORSE.


When you don’t relax in your muscles after having contracting them, the muscles become tired. This means they start “vibrating” during sex due to tiredness. This gives weaker erections where the semen has a tendency to simply leak out. Resulting in a loss of ability to last long in bed.

10 years ago when I started to train my pelvic muscles, I started out HARD and FANATICALLY. In the beginning it seemed that my erection got harder and that I had more control over my sexual energy. But I quickly realized that my efforts BACKFIRED.

My pelvic floor started to shake and “vibrate” during sex, and I got a feeling of TIREDNESS in the whole area – with the result that my erections became weak and that I had less control of my level of arousal.

In pelvic muscle training the ESSENTIAL KEY is LEARNING TO RELAX THE MUSCLES.

Why normal pelvic muscle training is not enough …

I have noticed that most people that guide others in pelvic muscle training unfortunately only speak about the “pelvic muscles” or the “PC muscle”.

But the “PC muscle” in fact refers to a whole set of muscles that can be subdivided into different areas that need to be trained individually.

Its not enough to contract your buttocks in a chaotic and random way while waiting for the bus!

There are 3 main areas you need to train in different combinations.

One area for harder erections, one area for better control, and one area that is in charge of leading surplus sexual energy away from the pelvic region..

All of these areas need to be strong and need to be able to be relaxed ON COMMAND – and you need to be able to relax and contract these areas SPECIFICALLY.

“Pelvic muscle training is complex, and it easily creates confusion if it is not done in a systematic way”
So pelvic muscle training is complex, and it easily creates confusion if it is not done in a systematic way.

In the TantraCURE training you a get a top class pelvic muscle program that systematically guides you through all the necessary areas, step by step so that you gradually increase your strength, become more aware of the different areas – and learn how to RELAX them in the proper way.

The pelvic muscle training in TantraCURE has been created for men that wish to last as long as they want and to strengthen their sexual stamina.

The program will also help you to use the pelvic floor to open up the flow of sexual energy in your body, so that you avoid always being on the verge of ejaculating – and instead can EXPAND YOUR PLEASURE and get MORE INTENSE ORGASMS.

Not bad, hey?

And thats just a few of the BENEFITS of training your pelvic floor.

And thats not all. Pelvic muscle training is just one of the essential things that you will be training in the 12 week program that teaches you to be at top class lover.

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Relax And Last Longer In Bed

Relax And Last Longer In Bed

Did you know that we have two nervous systems that both play a HUGE role during sex?

Knowing about your parasympathetic (“relaxed”) nervous system – or the sympathetic (“stressed”) nervoussystem will greatly help you on your quest to last longer.

The parasympathetic nervous system is activated when we are relaxed. The body is digesting your food and you are breathing slowly and deeply. Life is a breeze and nothing is threatening our well being or comfort.

On the other hand – in a life threatening situation your brain activates the sympathetic nervous system which helps prepare your body for fight or flight mode. The breathing speeds up and blood is sent to your muscles instead of your digestive system – which effectively is put on hold. Your whole body tenses up as you prepare to either fight for your life or to escape.

Being in the parasympathetic nervous system makes you last longer because of a long row of complex biochemical processes in the body.

Part of the job of the sympathetic nervous system on the other hand, is to help the body rid itself of bodily liquids (including semen) – as quickly as possible (thats why you either urinate or deficate in situations of high anxiety) – so you want to avoid getting into a sympathetic mode unless you want to ejaculate off course.
Most men that suffer from premature ejaculation start making love when the sympathetic (stressed) nervous system is already fully activated
Most men that suffer from premature ejaculation start making love when the sympathetic (stressed) nervous system is already fully activated.

So its quite important that you start the lovemaking in a relaxed state of being.

If you begin the love making in a relaxed or parasympathetic mode you get what is called a “relaxed erection”. The type of erection you get in a stressed mode is called a “stressed erection”.

The advantages of a relaxed erection are:
  • You get a more balanced brain chemistry during sex that makes it easier for you to last long
  • Your dopamine levels in the brain will rise slowly instead of “peaking” in the matter of a few minutes
  • You avoid getting oversensitive so you wind up coming too quickly

If on the other hand you start the love making hard core style with no foreplay you will get a “stressed erection” where your sympathetic nervous system controls the show – and in this case the show will be over pretty quickly!

There are many things you can do to start of the lovemaking with a “relaxed erection”:
  • Do foreplay (at least 10 minutes) where you focus on entering a relaxed enjoying mood, instead of allowing yourself to become overly aroused and excited
  • You can also enter the relaxed parasympathetic mode by giving and receiving massage before the lovemaking, so if you can get your girlfriend into the massage thing, it will greatly help you
  • Or you can join the TantraCURE system to get a TON of advice on how you can get “relaxed erections”:
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Arousal Control – The Fast Path To Lasting Longer

Arousal Control – The Fast Path To Lasting Longer

You know that feeling …?

You’re making love with your woman and its going pretty good.

…But all of a sudden you come too quickly without even knowing why it happened!

10 years ago when I myself suffered BIG TIME from premature ejaculation I had absolutely NO IDEA of why I came too quickly – it just kind of happened.

I would be thinking “this is going gooood” and all of a sudden I would ejaculate …

So I felt completely clueless to what I could do to solve the problem.
And that left me feeling deeply frustrated.

Sounds like something you know?

But through a long period where I tried all sorts of techniques to lasting longer in bed, I found out how you can know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY how close you are to the edge.

I developed a kind of “technique” that helped me avoid ever coming too early, and I will pass it on to you now.

Here is what you do …

First of all you need to become aware of your current level of arousal.

You need to give your level of arousal a number on a scale of 1 to 10.

10 being so excited that you will come in the next thrust.

5 being a medium level of arousal – a level where you are ready to start the lovemaking.

And a number 1 being the first initial sexual thought crossing your mind …

If you suffer from premature ejaculation you are almost certainly already at level 9 before even STARTING to make love. And from a 9 to a 10 there is not much room for fun and games … starting at level 9 does not enable you to last much longer than a minute (or perhaps two on a good day).

So that obviously sucks.

“If you are too aroused then WAIT before you penetrate”
Therefore you must decide to never start making love when you are higher than a level 5. So if you are too aroused then WAIT before you penetrate.

Moreover you need to decide that you never move beyond level 7 during lovemaking! This gives you enough headroom to be able to shortly go up to level 8 and still have enough time to cool down to a level 7 again.

When you learn to put a number on your level of arousal you can make a conscious decision of reducing your level and applying the brakes so you always are on the good side of the point of no return.

The first 10 minutes are the most difficult …

Remember that the first 10 minutes are the most difficult. If you succeed to last more than 10 minutes and then remember to keep yourself at level 7 then you most probably can make it to half an hour or more.

Putting a number on your level of arousal is just one of the techniques you can apply to control your level of arousal.

“If you succeed to last more than 10 minutes and then remember to keep yourself at level 7 then you most probably can make it to half an hour or more”
By learning all the arousal techniques, you will not only become more aware of your level of arousal, you will also learn to contain more and more sexual energy in your body during lovemaking – this allows you to gradually stay longer and longer at each level so you finally can stay at level 9 where the enjoyment is at an absolute peak WITHOUT BEING AFRAID OF COMING. This is where the magic is. When you are perfectly balanced between a 9 and 10 you start experiencing MULTIPLE ORGASMS without ejaculating. Cool huh?

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