Here you can find articles about premature ejaculation, lasting longer in bed, tips for sexual stamina, tantra for men and much much more!

Tantra sex: What is it really?

Incense? Impossible sex positions? New age wimps and yoga bimbos? The word “Tantra” brings a long row of associations along with it! But Tantra is much more than just a bunch of sex tips. It is a complete system covering the human beings physical, psychic,... read more

Relax And Last Longer In Bed

Did you know that we have two nervous systems that both play a HUGE role during sex? Knowing about your parasympathetic (“relaxed”) nervous system – or the sympathetic (“stressed”) nervoussystem will greatly help you on your quest to last... read more

Premature Ejaculation And Psychology

Psychological factors are the most important underlying factors of premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation more often than not stems from a wide range of detrimental emotions, which undermine our ability to perform well. MY EXPERIENCE SHOWS ME THAT 90% OF MEN... read more

Are You Hypersensitive?

Do you ejaculate the moment you penetrate her? Or even before you take of your pants? Then you probably have serotonin defficiency. Its a bit comical. But not if you find yourself in the situation. And it happens to many men – even after the insecure high school... read more
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